Jan 19, 2012 · Local area connection problem - can't find it Hello I Installed newest Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit for my brother. After tweaking and optimizing we found out a problem. Windows 7 can't find local area connection. The internet connection still works, but for example my computer finds local area connection normally. About the problem:

Apr 01, 2016 Configuring a Gateway Metric Problem - Networking Guide Apr 29, 2019 what does the "Local Area Connection* 12" mean? Mar 28, 2014

Local Area Connection(LAN) is a networking used only for limited range. Often used at home, work and or with-in the same building. In computer, Local Area Connection tells you, the status of the network, if it has connectivity and activity into the Internet. It has 2 tabs, General and Options.

The Ping Modern UI app for Windows 8 provides a way for you to test the TCP/IP connection quality between your PC and the servers you are connecting to. The Ping app will test your connection regardless if it is to a Local Area Network (LAN) or the Internet.Testing your TCP/IP connection provides a way for you to debug any connectivity issues that occur with during a TCP session.

Jan 19, 2012 Solved: Local Area Connection - HP Support Community - 100503 Hi, I'm having a problem about my local area connection. I have HP pavilion m7560n. i reformatted my computer and the internet doesn't work all i see in the Network Connections is 1394 connection i didn't see my local area connect. I think my computer need the disc for the motherboard to install the Problem with the driver for Local Area Connection adapter Jun 05, 2017 Local area connection, Network cable unplugged - Windows