Feb 25, 2019

There's Now a Free iPhone App That Encrypts Calls and The best feature of Signal is that despite its heavy security and new texting functionality, it remains just as simple as the iPhone’s default calling and texting apps. www.secure-phone.com | Secure Mobile Safe Cell Phone Apps secure call app. Secure Call use TLS for transmitting metadata (e.g. call requests) to Secure Call servers and end-to-end encryption for transmitting user communication data (e.g. user voice) to other users. Secure Call tries to best possible combinations to make sure user communications are surveillance and tampering-proof.

Aug 14, 2019

Mar 21, 2016 Secure Call

Secure Calling App : What You Need to Know | Rokacom

8 Best Call Blocking & Spam Protection Apps for iPhone 2020 Hiya is a powerful and advanced call blocking & spam protection app for iPhone. With the help of Hiya app, you can create your own personalized block list and, add any number or pick a contact from your address book and, Hiya will block all calls.