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The rules below will let you port forward when using TorGuard VPN on DD-WRT - remember to follow the Port Forward Activation email and use the correct IP + Port + Protocol for this to work. These rules are added under Administration --> Commands and once your rules have been created you save them as … Cannot get port forwarding to work (Netgear R7800) : DDWRT Ive attempted to use normal port forwarding on port 25565 (source net of and ive done port range forwarding using the single port, but its isnt letting anything through. I have turned off the SPI firewall and still nothing. I seen posts from 5+ years ago saying port forwarding is broken but I would suspect that is fixed by now. [Help/Question] DD-WRT SoftEther VPN & Port Forwarding : DDWRT Removed all ports from Port forwarding and set them up in Range port forwarding, didn't work. Tried disabling Port forwarding and just enabling Upnp, didn't work. As a last option I tried DMZ too, but it's still showing strict NAT. Using a TP-Link WR841N V11 with dd-wrt (Firmware: DD-WRT …

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