Go to the VPN > Site-to-Site VPN page. In the Site-to-Site IPSec Tunnels section, click Add. Enter a Name for the VPN tunnel. Configure the same settings for Phase 1 and Phase 2 as for Location 1. Specify the network settings: Local End – Select Passive. Local Address – Select (the WAN IP address of Location 2).

PIX/ASA 7.X : Add a New Tunnel or Remote Access to an Mar 06, 2007 ASA VPN | How I Troubleshoot ASA VPN Connection Problems Sep 26, 2018 How can I reset a VPN tunnel on a Cisco ASA? - Network Placement of firewall for VPN RA and L2L tunnels. 2. Help with bringing DR site in to general network. 9. Cisco IPSec Site-to-site VPN. Permit traffic if VPN is down. 1. Cisco ASA Full Tunnel Internet through VPN. 1. Cisco ASA 5512 (OS 9.1(1)) HA failover issues. Hot Network Questions Configuring Site to Site IPSec VPN Tunnel Between Cisco

Mar 06, 2007 · This document provides the steps required to add a new VPN tunnel or a remote access VPN to a L2L VPN configuration that already exists. Refer to Cisco ASA 5500 Series Adaptive Security Appliances - Configuration Examples and TechNotes for information on how to create the initial IPSec VPN tunnels and for more configuration examples.

Network 1 and 2 are at different locations in same site. At both of the above networks PC connected to switch gets IP from ASA 5505. In order to go to internet both of the above networks have L2L tunnel from their ASA 5505 to ASA 5520. ASA 5505 has default gateway configured as ASA 5520

That explains why the other tunnels work fine without an explicit route - the default route is on the outside interface, the same interface the VPN tunnels run on. This shoudln't be a routing issue, because packets with the same destination act diferently depending on the source subnet, and teh routing table only looks at the destination.

[SRX] How to troubleshoot a VPN that is up, but is not