Normally I use IPsec VPN, which works flawless, but currently I'm at a location that only allows traffic via port 80 and 443. That's why I started using SSL-VPN. The SSL-VPN Web Portal works also flawless. I'm able to reach most of the systems via the Web Portal.

Go to VPN > SSL-VPN Portals to edit the full-access This portal supports both web and tunnel mode. Disable Enable Split Tunneling so that all SSL VPN traffic goes through the FortiGate. Configure SSL VPN settings. Fortinet HTML5 RDP App issue in SSL VPN (Fortigate) In 5.4.2, has anyone had any issues with the HTML5 RDP client not working in the SSL VPN Web Portal? Whenever I try to make a RDP connection in the web portal, I just get a connection closed with the options to reconnect or close. Aug 26, 2019 · Fortigate Fortinet SSL VPN is being exploited in the wild since last night at scale using 1996 style ../../ exploit – if you use this as a security boundary, you want to patch ASAP Oct 04, 2018 · Basic quick hitter on how to do ssl web portal configuration ##### Twitter: Facebook: https://bit. TABLE OF CONTENTS Changelog 6 SSLVPN 7 What'snewinFortiOS5.6 8 FortiOS5.6.4 8 FortiOS5.6.3 8 Virtualdesktopoptionnolongersupported(442044) 8 If you are using the free „FortiClient v6.2 VPN(-only)“ you have a limited feature set (please refer to FortiClient VPN 6.2) – for example you are not able to perform host-checks. Please make sure that you don’t have any (maybe legacy) host-checks configured in the SSLVPN portal on your FortiGate: # config vpn ssl web portal In SSL VPN web mode, page keeps loading after user authenticates into internal application. 599671. In SSL VPN web mode, cannot display complete content on page, and cannot paste or type in the comments section. 599777. Problem with portal accessed via SSL VPN web mode. 599960

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The SSL VPN Web Portal – Fortinet GURU The SSL VPN web portal enables users to access network resources through a secure channel using a web browser. Fortinet administrators can configure log in privileges for system users and which network resources are available to the users. The portal configuration determines what the user sees when they log in to the portal. Cookbook | FortiGate / FortiOS 6.2.0 | Fortinet

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config vpn ssl web portal Note here that 10129.0.0/24 is pointing to the FortiGate SSL VPN gateway, and the default route is still using the local default gateway.