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Sep 02, 2008 How to put internet onto your psp? | Yahoo Answers Jun 08, 2007 How do u put roms on your psp???? | AfterDawn Discussion Jul 24, 2005 Can you put the internet on a PSP? | Yahoo Answers

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Aug 09, 2007 PSP Tutorial: How to put video to PSP How to put video to PSP - first: Get memory stick . How To Put Videos On PSP Step 2. Connect your PSP to your computer, via USB cable. Make sure your PSP is turned off when you do this. how to put video to PSP - Connect PSP to PC . How To Put Videos On PSP Step 3. Turn on your PSP, and go to the Settings Menu. In this menu select USB Connection how do you put internet on your PSP? | Yahoo Answers

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Dec 26, 2006 How Do You Put Games On PSP? - Blurtit To put a downloaded game on your PSP (PlayStation Portable), you need to purchase the full game and then install it by simply extracting the files into a folder (which has specifically been created for this purpose) on your personal computer, opening the set-up file and following the instructions that will appear on the screen. Do you need to hack your psp to put games on your memory