Jan 24, 2020

Does LastPass store any passwords (in encrypted form, of course) – locally on my machine ? Do other apps enable storing locally encrypted passwords, for example, as an alternative to the LastPass approach ? 3.) Is there a tool to let me watch what data LastPass sends over the network wire to ensure I don’t see any unencrypted passwords sync - Where does LastPass keep its local copy of the data In this forum topic, Joe Siegrist says that LastPass always store the most updated local copy of our encrypted data. I wonder if that data is stored at a single file and where . So I could make backup copies of it and maybe even access it through LastPass Pocket . The How-To Geek Guide to Getting Started with LastPass

I use LastPass to synchronize my password database between the different devices I use - home PC, Mac Mini, MacBook, iPad, etc. I could store all of my data locally, but LastPass allows me to

I have been using the LastPass extension for a couple of years. When I restart my computer or when I open Edge for the first time, I see the LastPass icon in my tool bar but about 90% of the time when I click on this icon to try and login to LastPass, Edge doesn't properly display the LastPass login window which prevents me from login into the LastPass extension.

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Jan 25, 2020 LastPass Password Manager | INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY LastPass is a secure online password storage system that allows users to securely keep, generate, and share passwords, and store their user logins and websites, as well as other sensitive information in a password vault, so that you will only need to remember your LastPass master password. LastPass Review: Password Manager with Best Free Plan