Still use my Leap but just as a secondary device for calls, emails and text. I still believe the BlackBerry keyboard is the best out there and I type quickly on it. In general Leap is fine and does everything fine that is needs and I intend to keep for a while. Posted via BlackBerry Leap running OS10

Does Anyone Need A Blackberry Anymore? - Halloo Blog Sep 21, 2011 How to Kill Blackberry Bushes | Hunker Apply glyphosate herbicide in late summer to early fall, and you'll see the blackberry bushes die out before the first frost. It comes in ready-to-use formulas that don't require mixing. To use, thoroughly spray the leaves and canes until they are covered but not dripping. To increase killing power, wait about 50 days; then mow the bushes. BlackBerry Passport: Does Anyone Care? Sep 24, 2014 This Is Who Still Uses Pagers Today | HowStuffWorks

5. Use Your Software’s Training Tools. If teaching your employees how to use new software is daunting, chances are you don’t have to do it yourself. Many Saas and other technology providers like Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft, etc. have free training programs that walk people through how to use …

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Nov 11, 2017

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