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Are there any BitTorrent trackers that support IPV6?

Удивительно, что BSOD лезет из-за выключенного Teredo. В подавляющем большинстве случаев как раз включенный Teredo источник таких косяков. Кстати проще всего побороть BSOD просто отключив teredo в utorrent: Co je IPv6/Teredo? Obsah fóra uTorrent CZ-> Prosím o radu: Zobrazit předchozí téma:: May 17, 2020 · uTorrent Pro 3.5.5 Build 45660 Crack + Serial Number Free Download 2020. uTorrent Pro 3.5.5 Build 45660 Crack is here, the most impressive and well known BitTorrent customer on the planet with all the highlights to associate with P2P systems.

The reason for teredo is to get an IPv6 tunnel through a non IPv6 aware NATed device Since just about no one is offering IPv6 support at this time, if they are it is IPv6 over IPv4 tunnel. It is more or less a future feature so that when IPv6 is rolled out you can take advantage of it.

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