One server is used twice, and so the fiddle gives back “normal nat” on consloe, even in case of symmetric NAT. Please correct this in the fiddle: {urls: ‘’},

There's another STUN server that resolves to the same IP Jun 25, 2019 What is STUN? | Top10VOIPList Jul 20, 2017 STUN Server - Avaya: IP Office - Tek-Tips

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As soon as it gets a STUN server in there, it doesn't pick an incoming call up. 18:49:35 174097mS NAT: EPNatMediaHelper f17fa41c for 0a000102000003f3 17.1011.1 2 SIPTrunk Endpoint created, parent f52def24 list size 1 18:49:35 174097mS NAT: Creating STUNClient to resolve binding for, server FQDN []:19302

TURN/STUN Server - Red5 Pro Server - Red5 Pro Docs Herein we will cover using CoTURN, a free open-source server which provides a feature-rich and standards compliant option for those wanting control over their own TURN/STUN server. Red5 Pro WebRTC uses STUN over UDP as our default implementation. Step-by-step Install on an Ubuntu Linux Server. Pre-build steps. 1 - Update the install via apt What is STUN? Then the client sends its STUN-discovered address to other services, such as the server, which can broadcast the address to other clients. An example public STUN server runs at, which anyone can use. Second, STUN usually works over UDP. The server …